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When you’re struggling with finding Michigan criminal attorneys that can best represent you in a court of law, you’re probably also worrying about your future, where your case is headed, and about the security of your loved ones. The Michigan criminal attorneys of Goldman & Associates can provide you with the outcomes you desire, all the while respecting your case, family, and rights. All of our Michigan criminal attorneys have years of experience in handling various different types of cases, including Michigan DUI, Michigan Domestic Violence, Michigan Assault & Battery, and many more.

What is Criminal Defense?

Our Michigan criminal attorneys characterize criminal law by the prosecution of a person or business by the state or federal government. This usually occurs when the individual or business commits an act that the prosecution deems a crime, including any violation of a public law. Typically, the crime must be characterized by an action, a mental state, and intent to commit harm to the public. These crimes are then deemed either misdemeanors (less serious offenses) or felonies (more serious offenses).

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If you’ve been arrested or charged with any type of criminal violation in MI, it is always best to contact an attorney who will fight for your rights at all cost as soon as possible. The Michigan criminal attorneys of Goldman & Associates have the necessary experience to bring success to your case and will always provide you with effective courtroom litigation. To avoid jail time and extreme fines, it is crucial to contact our the Michigan criminal attorneys from our law today.

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Our Michigan criminal attorneys know how to bring success to your legal matter. We have experience in handling cases relating to DUI, Expungement, Drug Charges, Probation Violations, White Collar Crimes, and more! To better understand your rights and to schedule your free legal consultation with our seasoned Michigan criminal attorneys today, please call our law firm right now.

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